Derby #229: Roleplaying in Everyday Life


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Alternative titles include: More like Dungeons and D'AAAAWGINS, You've Activated My Trap Card (Despite there being no cards in the image), A DM and his Dog etc.

Your dog is your best friend. Traveling companion,, helper. Here, we spy a modern day wizard and his faithful familiar...

...or, you know, a nerd living vicariously through his dog. It's not my place to judge. Maybe the dog is a LARPER. I've heard you have to roll a sanity check when dealing with a corgi, lest your brain turn into delicious pudding.

So many silly things I could be saying about this. +5 cuteness, what sort of underwear tricks have you been training YOUR dog to do?, what level do I learn summon corgi?, so on and so forth. But it is late and I am tired, so I'm just gonna say...

You're about to get corgwned.

A fun little note about the title: "Corgwn" is the official plural of corgi. I for one think that a large group comprised of corgi dogs should be called 'A Murder of Corgis'.

Click here for a better look!


Thank you and insomnia is horrible.


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I would so wear the heck out of this!


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Very unique idea and an elaborate design. The corgi is such a funny looking dog, I love it.


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Re: Corgwned

Reminds me of this:

I guess Corgi's are popular as swordsme...uh swordsdogs

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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j5 wrote:Reminds me of this:

I guess Corgi's are popular as swordsme...uh swordsdogs

I actually saw that one a while ago, but it didn't consciously come to mind when I was working on this. Subconsciously, maybe, but I can't really say for sure! :T


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Re: Corgwned

I'm not sure how, you could not vote for this one...

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