Derby #232: Motivation

Erasmous in the lead

Erasmous in the lead
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Re: Erasmous in the lead

After posting Following in Daddy's footsteps, I then had many more ideas for motivational designs, from 'knucks' to climbing a tree for fruit, as in Eve...then I remembered Erasmous, the fearless, hope yall like him.



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Re: Erasmous in the lead

Hope you don't mind a little constructive criticism...

First issue is the number of colors. Woot allows a max of six spot colors, it looks to me like you have more than that. If the rejectionator makes another sweep, don't be surprised to see yours get the ax for that reason.

Second, wooters tend to not love big square designs. It ends up printing as a giant sheet of ink which doesn't breathe or hold up well. If you notice, the most popular designs tend to either feature smaller images, or negative space, or something that breaks up the design. There's nothing wrong with what you've done, but designs like this usually won't score well.

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