Derby #233: Things That Start with the Letter A

Arctic Accuracy

Arctic Accuracy
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quality posts: 30 Private Messages jasneko
Re: Arctic Accuracy

So cute!! Love your style and color choices.


quality posts: 225 Private Messages Spiritgreen
Re: Arctic Accuracy

More people need to learn this. :^)

Love the style! +1


quality posts: 105 Private Messages inkycatz
Re: Arctic Accuracy

Unique style! GMV.

I'm just hanging out, really.


quality posts: 37 Private Messages endangeredomega
Re: Arctic Accuracy

+1 from me simply because it's something I've grown tired of pointing out to people recently!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages kaisatsu

Arctic Accuracy:
I have never wanted a Woot Shirt so badly!


quality posts: 47 Private Messages kevlar51
Re: Arctic Accuracy

thank you for telling the real story
nice design too!


quality posts: 41 Private Messages fishbiscuit5
Re: Arctic Accuracy

This one made me smile. Love the cool colors with that little pop of red.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages dijay
Re: Arctic Accuracy

Beatiful. Amazing style!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages jenniferless

LOVE THIS - so much as to prompt my first ever comment. I'm Alaskan living in Michigan and I get questions all the time about penguins. Words cannot describe how happy this shirt makes me.

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