Derby #235: Dubious Honors

Legendarily Lost

I don't believe we can run this, but it's very funny

Rejected because: I don't believe we can run this, but it's very funny

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quality posts: 282 Private Messages Spiritgreen
Re: Legendarily Lost

New version is here:


Hey! Congratulations, we are as lost as it's possible to get. The most lost. There is no greater degree of lostness.

Are we even in the same game anymore, elf? People are going to start calling you the Hero of Lost. In colored words. Not something cool like the Hero of Time, or Wind or Sky... oh no, the hero of refusing to stop and ask directions. Hey!


This is six colors on a grass green tee. See the whole BIG VERSION here!

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design. ^__^


quality posts: 0 Private Messages ghostglide

This is great! GMV


quality posts: 63 Private Messages j5
Re: Legendarily Lost

Most resubbed

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages pyromike25

Love it! Link Rocks! Even if he is lost in Super Mario World.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages bam2379
Re: Legendarily Lost

You can make this a reality at this game. It is nicely done and great to see others in such a legendary game.



quality posts: 31 Private Messages specsmachine

I like this even more now that it has text!


quality posts: 23 Private Messages Radscoolian
Re: Legendarily Lost

Way cool, Spirit. Hopefully you'll get a print this time.

edit: I wish I could draw as good as this. It really is well done.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Tessai217
Re: Legendarily Lost

Words don't describe how happy I am that this is back.


quality posts: 6 Private Messages midgerock
j5 wrote:Most resubbed

how many times has this been subbed? this is the second time, right, or am I wrong?


quality posts: 20 Private Messages ramyb
Re: Legendarily Lost

Oh no :/ If you have time to redraw the idea, you could try drawing him from the back with the map upside down, and maybe lose some of the clothing details- I'd get rid of the name in the top left too to be safe. Real bummer, it's a really funny shirt


quality posts: 282 Private Messages Spiritgreen
Re: Legendarily Lost

Thanks everyone for the support!

Midgerock, you're right this is the first resub. It had an early rejection in derby 221 for technically breaking one of the rules, so it's okay to compete.

I've subbed a NEW VERSION without text in case that was the cause of this rejection.

Ramy, thanks a lot for the suggestions. The design kinda is what it is as far as I'm concerned. I'm content with the parody and the look of it. I hope it's Woot-friendly but if not then nevermind. :^)

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