Derby #235: Dubious Honors


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Awkward turtle!


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And then the real fun is coming up with responses when they ask. My current favorite is just looking at the inquirer suspiciously, then slowly giving them a hug.


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Re: Awk-award

This thing's comedy gold. People will ask, and the possibilities are endless.

One Million Served


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Re: Awk-award

If this doesn't get sold, I'm going to cry at a completely inappropriate time.


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Re: Awk-award

Really cool, but I kinda wish the top text wrapped around the circle a little more. Just a suggestion! :D

Check out my Food design please!


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Re: Awk-award

Hhahahaha I haven't laughed so hard at a shirt design in a very long time.

Proudly tracking via


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Re: Awk-award

I like this one like I like a good amount of shirts at this derby. I feel like this is a good topic for shirts and I like so many of these!!!


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Re: Awk-award

I need. This shirt.


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Holy hell that's an awesome comment. May buy the shirt just to try it out.

Nothing like a good shirt.woot argument. Gets me through a whole class.

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