Derby #236: Watercolors

Who goes there

Who goes there
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quality posts: 1 Private Messages Zagazoo
Re: Who goes there

Hah! I love the way you rendered this owl!


quality posts: 239 Private Messages Spiritgreen
Re: Who goes there

"Are you makin' fun of me? Do I amuse you?"

Fun character.


quality posts: 53 Private Messages ApeLad
Spiritgreen wrote:

"Are you makin' fun of me? Do I amuse you?"

Fun character.

Thanks! This is based on something from a sketchbook from several years ago. This owl was at a nature park in Maryland and wouldn't open its other eye.


quality posts: 568 Private Messages lonelypond
Re: Who goes there

great expression + texture

New Surfing Lightning panels up: help from a tree.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages aquadood
Re: Who goes there

I really like this shirt. The owl is awesome!

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