Derby #238: Kitties!

Last FeLine of Defense

Last FeLine of Defense
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quality posts: 16 Private Messages rockymike
Re: Last FeLine of Defense

Based on a true story...

Yeah, so there's that...


quality posts: 1 Private Messages lunadust12
Re: Last FeLine of Defense

i laughed. one of my kitties likes to be carried around the house in a laundry basket. its a kitty amusement park ride.


quality posts: 37 Private Messages mkdr
Re: Last FeLine of Defense

This reminds me of every laundry day in my house - OK, every day in my house. Something about the laundry basket...and don't you dare try to take it from teh kitteh.

forever fighting the urge to buy something just because it is cheap and cool...wait, it's cheap and cool, let me click that big yellow button!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages tessc

Anyone with a cat will know the truth of this design. It gets my vote Good luck!

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