Derby #238: Kitties!

Cat Nips...


Rejected because: Nope

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quality posts: 4 Private Messages cptgone
Re: Cat Nips...

love the pun, like the shirt, but i had to look twice to see they're cats.


quality posts: 8 Private Messages aramis525
Re: Cat Nips...

Rejection in 3...2...1...


quality posts: 4 Private Messages fourlane77
Re: Cat Nips...

..rejected or not, funny shirt..i wanted to go so many places with a play on "catnip" but my mind is far too x-rated for

vote. vote. vote. vote. vote. vote.


quality posts: 259 Private Messages thumperchick
Re: Cat Nips...

Still made me laugh. I would've worn this one!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages DownEast

Best Rejected Shirt I have EVER seen!!!

This needs to be made, somewhere... I know Cat Ladies who I would LOVE to give this too.

Recommend another version shirt for the older crowd, where the cats are lower down too ;)

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