Derby #244: Breakfast Mascots


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quality posts: 21 Private Messages cmdixon2
Re: CinnaSnail

I haven't entered a derby in awhile, but came up with this little guy and just couldn't resist. Hope you all like it!


quality posts: 3 Private Messages annewaterman
cmdixon2 wrote:I haven't entered a derby in awhile, but came up with this little guy and just couldn't resist. Hope you all like it!

Aww, I love it! I think snails are so cute and cinnamon buns are irresistible...what a perfect combo!!


quality posts: 30 Private Messages jasneko
Re: CinnaSnail

Nice to see you cmdixon! And you made that snail look so soft-doughy-delicious =)


quality posts: 0 Private Messages schlady
Re: CinnaSnail

I love snails, and I love cinnamon buns. This design makes me very very happy. ^^

"Way to leave room for the rest of us, John."


quality posts: 5 Private Messages anjulka
Re: CinnaSnail

I was on the fence about cinnamon buns before, but now I'm just grossed out by them. My wife no longer likes you. ;-)


quality posts: 295 Private Messages Narfcake
Re: CinnaSnail

I'm never going to look at cinnamon rolls the same again.

Good to see you here around again, Chris. GMV.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages blk909
Re: CinnaSnail

Love the colors, the size of the design, and the snail trail. It fits this derby really well, and I'm happy to have you back in the game.

Wished I could have bought the bird in the cage and some other near misses.


quality posts: 37 Private Messages endangeredomega
Re: CinnaSnail

Just the right amount of surreal weirdness. Hope this little guy and his manic, sugar-dazed expression can inch a slimy trail back into the fog.


quality posts: 7 Private Messages elankat
Re: CinnaSnail

Unfortunately, I saw neither delicious cinnamon buns or cute snails when I looked at the background. I blame it on having a puppy that's not fully housebroken. >_<


quality posts: 70 Private Messages PixelPants
Re: CinnaSnail

This is my third time back to have another look. It's intriguing and disturbing in equal amounts so it gets my vote Chris. I like the way you worked the shadows and highlights in with the different shades too.


quality posts: 7 Private Messages marzipanapple
Re: CinnaSnail

Right when I change my mind(I want this), I find it's not in the fog. I blame myself completely.


quality posts: 15 Private Messages Laureenmt
Re: CinnaSnail

I love cinnamon rolls,

but I prefer mine without a slime trail.

Love the design!

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