Derby #244: Breakfast Mascots

Squad Breakfast

Squad Breakfast
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quality posts: 4 Private Messages dijay
Re: Squad Breakfast

The Squad Breakfast!!! They come every morning to rescue you and give you all the energy you need.

I hope you like ;)


quality posts: 16 Private Messages wirdou

Really love it!!!:D:D The expressions are great!:D


quality posts: 1 Private Messages arinesart
Re: Squad Breakfast

Great, mate!! Love the expressions on their faces!!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages harzack
Re: Squad Breakfast

really, really good!


quality posts: 22 Private Messages lucky1988
Re: Squad Breakfast

love the bacon parachutes! +1


quality posts: 47 Private Messages omarfeliciano
lucky1988 wrote:love the bacon parachutes! +1


They are way too happy for what's about to happen! +1


quality posts: 74 Private Messages PixelPants
Re: Squad Breakfast

Such a cool idea. Definitely deserves to taste success! +1


quality posts: 2 Private Messages biticol


quality posts: 7 Private Messages marzipanapple
Re: Squad Breakfast

These guys are so energetic! I like the emotion conveyed, along with the very well executed detail (nice touch on the shadow). The only thing I'd change would be the bacon faces. It just seems better to have them as 'lesser, inanimate' objects to keep the focus on the eggs.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages ibaitxo
Re: Squad Breakfast

woa! very nice!


quality posts: 3 Private Messages Naolito
Re: Squad Breakfast

This is great! love the expressions!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages cuzwhynot
Re: Squad Breakfast

Absolutely lovely work! I love a composition that has a sense of motion without always having to rely on 'motion lines' to get it across. I agree that the faces on the bacon could be a little much, but I love it anyway. Here's hoping Woot's watching this one cause I would buy it in a heartbeat!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages melmarg
Re: Squad Breakfast

The happy face on the bacon makes me happy!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages meedox
Re: Squad Breakfast

Great expressions on those eggs! So much character - love it!

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