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Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit
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Re: Forbidden Fruit

I took a deeper poem and simplified its romantic yet wistful serious tones into a classic image of forbidden fruit. Two colors on red. Enjoy!

"Forbidden Fruit"
by Michael Lally

all the forbidden fruit I ever
dreamt of--or was taught to
resist and fear--ripens and
blossoms under the palms of my
hands as they uncover and explore
you--and in the most secret
corners of my heart as it discovers
and adores you--the forbidden fruit
of forgiveness--the forbidden fruit
of finally feeling the happiness
you were afraid you didn't deserve--
the forbidden fruit of my life's labor
--the just payment I have avoided
since my father taught me how--
the forbidden fruit of the secret
language of our survivors' souls as
they unfold each others secret
ballots--the ones where we voted
for our first secret desires to come
true--there's so much more
I want to say to you--but for
the first time in my life I'm at
a loss for words--because
(I understand at last)
I don't need them
to be heard by you.

"Way to leave room for the rest of us, John."


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Re: Forbidden Fruit

A gorgeous image, and a gorgeous poem! If this prints, I might have to ignore the fact that I look bad in red...

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