Re: ECCE same: Behold the Man

'Tis a bit silly, but this won't let me write the word "h0m0" as a normal word, so I had to use zeroes... I realize in most cases nowadays it might be used as a slur, but in this poem's case, it is the Latin word for "man"... as in h0m0 sapiens...? Goofy thing...

ECCE H0M0 - Friedrich Nietzsche

Ja, ich weiß, woher ich stamme,
Ungesättigt gleich der Flamme
Glühe und verzehr’ ich mich.
Licht wird alles was ich fasse,
Kohle alles, was ich lasse,
Flamme bin ich sicherlich


Yes, I know from whence I came
Insatiated, just as the flame
I glow and consume all that is me
Light becomes everything I touch
Coals are what I leave of such
A flame I am, certainly