Derby #256: Lost in a Good Book

Whispers of Adventure

Whispers of Adventure
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Re: Whispers of Adventure

Good books call to us; whisper to bring us in. Whispers of adventure. Whispers of fascinating new cultures. Then, they transport us out of our lives and take us to places we'd never have imagined on our own.

6 colors, centered on asphalt
Here's the big version!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages colinlepper
Re: Whispers of Adventure

turned out great!


quality posts: 16 Private Messages wirdou

I saw the sketch in the prederby and the final work is just amazing


quality posts: 7 Private Messages paigeg
Re: Whispers of Adventure

This is even better than I'd expected. I absolutely love the vapor continents wafting out the window, and the overall composition looking, well, dragon-like or, at least, some kind of flying creature-ish. Very well done!


quality posts: 11 Private Messages Adelas
Re: Whispers of Adventure

Not sure how I missed this derby. I hope this makes it into the second chance derby.

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