Derby #262: Gold

Golden Glory

Not this week

Rejected because: Not this week

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quality posts: 43 Private Messages ChronoSquall14
Re: Golden Glory

Have we ever actually SEEN this amount in-game? Or does it go from 99-0? Not a critique; I'm just curious.


quality posts: 16 Private Messages rockymike
Re: Golden Glory

I feel like this falls under the No Mario rule. I like it though.

Yeah, so there's that...


quality posts: 8 Private Messages tjschaeffer
Re: Golden Glory

It's well done, but I would say definitely falls under the no Mario rule.


quality posts: 47 Private Messages omarfeliciano
Re: Golden Glory

Yeap, Mario...


quality posts: 42 Private Messages citizencoyote
Re: Golden Glory

I have to agree with the others, this is a Mario shirt.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages newnie
Re: Golden Glory

You broke the GOLDEN rule! No Mario!

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