Derby #263: England

Watership Stew (Resub)

Watership Stew (Resub)
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Re: Watership Stew (Resub)

Cute rabbit, but to me the menu board presentation is less funny than the graffiti original joke.


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Re: Watership Stew (Resub)

The kerning between the P and ub, and particularly between the W and the atership makes it look almost like there's a space between the letters.

I really hate to be 'that guy, but I just couldn't ignore it! D:

I wonder if they'd allow making a cosmetic adjustment without having to completely resubmit the design?


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Re: Watership Stew (Resub)



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roysterer wrote:Inappropriate!

How so? I admit, I'm not a fan of the design myself, but I don't see anything worse than the various cannibal rabbit shirts.

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