Derby #264: Your Third and Final Wish

Too Many Wishes

Too Many Wishes
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quality posts: 98 Private Messages bassanimation
Re: Too Many Wishes

He didn't think it would _actually_ rain mice... ^^;

Wanted to do something simple and funny this go round. :D Hope you enjoy!


quality posts: 30 Private Messages ochopika


Re: Too Many Wishes

Lololololol! That's simple AND funny for sure. I bet it's a genie-mouse who granted that wish.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages sheenachu
Re: Too Many Wishes

I love this, cracks me up :D lol

Hammurabi meant to say pie...Vote!


quality posts: 5 Private Messages chellemonkey
Re: Too Many Wishes

Is that his....mouth? Does his chin have legs? Is it just an invisible window for his belly? I'm confused


quality posts: 0 Private Messages archiwiz
Re: Too Many Wishes

At first I thought this was Garfield... Then I remembered Garfield only eats lasagna. Still voted though.

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