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Fox o' Line Tails

Fox o' Line Tails
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quality posts: 114 Private Messages oakenspirit
Re: Fox o' Line Tails

A Nine-tailed FOX SPIRIT! ...for your pleasure... ya' furries... ;)


quality posts: 30 Private Messages TobiasAmaranth
Re: Fox o' Line Tails

Pssssh! Furries~ :P One can like foxes without being a furry! Not... that that's the case with me. But.

*votes* It has a nice wispy look to it.

Woot's Men's Smalls: A speck on a shirt that might be art. Don't bother...


quality posts: 8 Private Messages tjschaeffer
Re: Fox o' Line Tails

My first thought was "Naruto - pop culture" but then remembered the nine tail fox was a mythical creature before the popular manga/anime...

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