Derby #267: Double-Take Derby 18

Cat Carrier

Cat Carrier
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[quote]Re: Cat Carrier

As a cat owner, let me say you could do an appendectomy on me without going to the hospital if you put one of my cats in this. The cat's expression says it all. Love it!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages emeraldchickpea
Re: Cat Carrier

Love it!!!!!!!!!


quality posts: 3 Private Messages nutrageous
So GREAT! Anyone who's toted a kid this way will want one.... uh, if they *like* or violently *dislike* cats.

Re: Cat Carrier


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Re: Cat Carrier

Loved it the first time it was on and begged that it be printed. I still think is one of the funniest shirts I've seen on shirt.woot. A must have for any cat lover ♥


quality posts: 0 Private Messages shroomgirl
Re: Cat Carrier

Is this for sale anywhere on the great wide web?
I need to get this for someone!

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