Derby #268: Crosshatch Rehash

A Breath Of Nightmare

A Breath Of Nightmare
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Re: A Breath Of Nightmare

Awesome Drawing! I love the way it flows. Under-appreciated, IMO. Then again, it's much darker than the normal derby entry. Nice addition with the black widow spider. GMV.


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Re: A Breath Of Nightmare

Excellent execution and hatching, it is very clean.

Might be under-appreciated because the thumbnail is a little difficult to tell what it is, I almost didn't click on it myself. Also, I'm not sure the shade of red used stands out well enough on this gray shirt. It's just a little difficult to view the design and doesn't do it justice. Thinking it might look good on black, navy, or perhaps use a darker shade that would provide more contrast against the gray?


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Re: A Breath Of Nightmare

Thanks for the advice, guys! Honestly, even 30 votes was more than I was expecting. This being my first entry into a derby, I was just trying to get my feet wet. I have learned a bunch about how the system works, though, and how to improve my chances and my work. Good to be noticed at all! :D

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