Derby #275: I Recycle

Recyclable Security

We can't print this

Rejected because: We can't print this

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quality posts: 6 Private Messages lyonscc
Re: Recyclable Security

One more...

I had to go back and look through past derbies to see how different the logo had to be in order to avoid rejection.

Hopefully with the balanced upside-down "V" (instead of off-center and shortened), the saturn ring and the recycle symbol, that should be enough.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages uraldon

I love it. But if I wear this won't I be the first one killed?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages speedcheetah
Re: Recyclable Security

It's recognizable, but not exactly the same. Wonder if it'll be rejected or not. :/


quality posts: 4 Private Messages rightturnclyde
Re: Recyclable Security

I thought it was a great idea given the limitations of this derby. Sheesh.

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