Derby #275: I Recycle

Recycling Season

Recycling Season
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quality posts: 67 Private Messages collinvh
Re: Recycling Season

That's right, time to recycle again! Hope you like the design this week. Thanks for checking it out.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages antastic
Re: Recycling Season

This is great! Glad your using the arrows in 3D space and not doing a flat plane. Great work!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages blk909
Re: Recycling Season

Love your take on the theme, your colors and the placement of the design!


quality posts: 22 Private Messages linksdeity
Re: Recycling Season

Wow, I love the colors on this! :D


quality posts: 30 Private Messages jasneko
linksdeity wrote:Wow, I love the colors on this! :D

Ditto... very nice


quality posts: 3 Private Messages qetza
Re: Recycling Season

Very nice!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages kluhhbbykaykez
Re: Recycling Season

man! if i had money today, i'd buy something just so i could vote for this one to buy it later! i absolutely love the colors/design on this shirt

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