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Weird vegetable skills

Weird vegetable skills
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Re: Weird vegetable skills

Auuugh, I loved this back in 8-bit and I love it still!! Abso-frickin-dubitably excellent. High fives and a couple vote clicks to you, sir.


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Re: Weird vegetable skills

Yeah, I loved this one too. So tongue in cheek. Sure wish this could have been in the Purple plus sale


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Re: Weird vegetable skills

Weird and wonderful. Aubergine: a tasty vegetable, a mighty fine colour, a great word to pronounce and now a highly desirable t-shirt. I want to shop at a shirt site that would print this design, Randyotter, and I suspect they would also stock this.


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Re: Weird vegetable skills

Ahhhh, I'm so excited to see this back!


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Re: Weird vegetable skills

I have voted for this shirt every time. Why won't you print already? Why?! It's so random and silly and perfect.


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Re: Weird vegetable skills

Thanks for all the great comments guys

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