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2001: An Escher Odyssey

2001: An Escher Odyssey
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Re: 2001: An Escher Odyssey

Alrighty - stayed up most of the night working on a new astronaut and planetscape.

The Sun and planetscape were done primarily in DAZ Bryce (with some Photoshop manipulation to warp it behind my astronaut), the astronaut was done primarily with my Wacom tablet, Illustrator, and some touch-up work in Photoshop (to use the variable brush, which I'm still trying to get a hang of). And the whole thing was assembled in Photoshop, with halftone work split between Illustrator and Photoshop at 30 LPI.

And now for some sleep.


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sillythings86 wrote:snip

I'm not sure what your point is. I've drawn a picture of a standard-issue NASA MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit), used by NASA for decades now, with an astronaut in it. I chose an MMU with a camera attached to it (as in the picture you posted, but not specifically from the picture you posted), as I wanted it with the camera as the "source" of my astronaut's self-portrait.

It's like drawing a picture of a Corvette. You've got to look at pictures of Corvettes to semi-accurately draw what a Corvette looks like.

It should be pretty obvious that I didn't use the photo you've posted (or any other one out there) - the planet and nebula is one generated in Bryce 3D and Photoshop, and it is drawn with the reflection of my sun image (and a reflection of the reflecting ball) in it. The shading is also completely different (I added very little shading at all to my drawing, as the light source - the sun - is right in front of the astronaut).

Also, maybe your Google-fu is better than mine, but all of the pictures I can find are completely and totally different than the one reflected in the ball. NASA makes its photos public, as well, so there's no chance I took my own private picture to work from, either.

So I'm not sure what your point is.

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