Derby #287: The '90s

1989 - 1999

1989 - 1999
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Re: 1989 - 1999

Perfect! GMV!


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Re: 1989 - 1999


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kdubbs29 wrote:

Did you ever find out whether it's the gameboy itself that was the reason for rejection? If so, this shirt will doubtful make it past the rejectionator


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kdubbs29 wrote:

I remember that (mostly because the design was great!). That was a confusing rejection (to me, at least), since they printed this one...

I don't pretend to understand. Maybe it was the Tetris?


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Re: 1989 - 1999

Not only have I not forgotten the original Gameboy, but I actually still own one! And, I can't tell you how many games, but it's a lot, because I collect all things Gameboy from the original to the more modern! It's a sick addiction really, but I would totally freak out if this printed and buy, buy buy, lol!~


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Re: 1989 - 1999

I still have my gameboy. Cute design!

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