Derby #287: The '90s

K vs Blue 1996

K vs Blue 1996
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Re: K vs Blue 1996

great work Robbie!


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Re: K vs Blue 1996

great illustration and idea!

Hey Artists! Post your favorite design to my wall from your Facebook page. If I use your image I always link back to you.


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Re: K vs Blue 1996

This is the first reference that I understand! (Besides Game Boy...) This is a super-clever depiction of a news event that also represents the progress in computing power and AI, which I think were two of the technological revolutions of the '90s that had enormous impact. It's really nice to see a design that's referencing news events instead of just entertainment.

RIP A.A. Blanks (Obituary)


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Re: K vs Blue 1996



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Re: K vs Blue 1996

great one!!

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