Derby #287: The '90s

One Supreme Being

Nice, but we can't run this.

Rejected because: Nice, but we can't run this.

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Re: One Supreme Being



quality posts: 24 Private Messages Mavyn
Re: One Supreme Being

Probably going to be rejected for celebrity likeness...

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


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Re: One Supreme Being

Too bad, I really like this one!


quality posts: 58 Private Messages bluetuba
Re: One Supreme Being

Yeah, really awesome work but it'd get you sued.

"You can't just dress a Minion like Spock, and add a caption that says "Logical Me". There's a prison for people like that. Below my house."


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Re: One Supreme Being

this would be nice for display on deviantart


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This is great, and an unfortunate rejection - I don't think it looks that much like Mila, but the thing as a whole probably bumps up against copyright.
Great design - needs more chicken.


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Re: One Supreme Being

If this ends up being printed elsewhere, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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