Derby #293: Infographics Revisited

Better with Zombies

Better with Zombies
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Re: Better with Zombies

So this idea morphed out of the random thought of Zombies... on ice. I mean really? Zombies, not known for their grace, ice-skating in pairs. So this design was born, and I'm working on a Zombie Ice-Capades daily to submit.

One single color on black.


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Re: Better with Zombies

lol'ed on the last panel. +1

Nothing follows.


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taternuggets wrote:lol'ed on the last panel. +1

Thanks, the imagery of zombies on ice won't leave my brain now.


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Re: Better with Zombies

I just snorted my pepsi...thanks for that.

I hope this prints!


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Re: Better with Zombies

/Skip derby, just give me now....

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