Derby #296: Spring 2013

Spring Azure

Spring Azure
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quality posts: 5 Private Messages kharmazero
Re: Spring Azure

you're goooood!!!


quality posts: 23 Private Messages taternuggets
Re: Spring Azure

This is very nice.

Nothing follows.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Casondra

This is dazzlingly pretty~!


quality posts: 66 Private Messages ceagee
Re: Spring Azure

It reminds me of the butterfly used in "Lunesta" commercials and ads.

The Lunesta butterfly looks like it is radio active. Not something I want visiting me in my sleep. Sorry, but yours is just to close. It's one creepy bug.
I generally like butterflys. Not your fault big pharma has turned them into something evil.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages L3g3ndQ
Re: Spring Azure

how did this fall out of the fog???

this was the best design in there B^(

im really starting to lose faith in woot voters. B^P

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