Derby #302: Vacation Slogan Shirts

Traveling the Verse

Traveling the Verse
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Re: Traveling the Verse

I spent way too much time trying to research the entry time stamps on these. As best I could they are to match up with crew travels.

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Re: Traveling the Verse

Really nice work. I don't like how "the verse" looks. I think it grabs too much attention right away. I'd prefer a larger, less bold and more of a handwritten font and hanging down below the rest of the graphics more. But great concept, I'd still buy this.


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I also think the font and size of The Verse should be changed. It doesn't quite fit with the beauty of the stamps. As a browncoat, I love this shirt. I am worried you're going to get dinged on using gradients. You may need to "clean" up your stamps to make them solid lines instead of the faded and used look. Which sucks but hey.

Great job!!
Re: Traveling the Verse

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