Derby #305: Inspired by da Vinci

Down-on-His-Luck Vitruvian Man

Down-on-His-Luck Vitruvian Man
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Re: Down-on-His-Luck Vitruvian Man

After modeling for Leonardo and becoming a celebrity, Virtruvian Man became one of his entourage and had it all: fame, women, and florins.

But then, Leonardo discovered Mona (that tramp) and discarded Virtruvian Man like last week's still-drying canvas.

Sadly, he soon lost it all and ended up destitute on the streets of Florence.

If only it had been 620 years later, maybe he could have then starred in his own reality show...

Here's a bigger version:


quality posts: 36 Private Messages omarfeliciano
Re: Down-on-His-Luck Vitruvian Man

Jajaja this is fantastic! Love it!

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