Derby #305: Inspired by da Vinci

Number 1 Of Over A Billion

Number 1 Of Over A Billion
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Re: Number 1 Of Over A Billion

Fresh Bun x3
Our buns are baked fresh twice a year in
our plant in a undisclosed location.
3 buns toasted to perfection and topped
with our signature sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds
the seeds are harvested from a triangular pod.
the fruit pod will split open naturally and it will contain
4-12 seeds. This is the oldest oilseed crop known to humanity.

Almost 100% Beef.
Most of the time.

it’s important that our pickles are vine ripend,
picked, sliced, and pickled for 300 days
at this point the pickle slices have
lost almost all the natural crunch.

Lettuce is shredded and washed.
this is the most healthy part of the burger.
Please use sparingly and save best looking
lettuce for our salads.

Questionable Sauce
We’ll always keep the recipe for our
sauce a secret. For two important reasons;
A: If we told you what was in the sauce you wouldn’t want to eat it.
B: We’re not even sure what’s in the sauce.

Onions are diced into micro
size pieces and must be
applied very sparingly.
Onion Strength: Extra Bland

Unlike the competition, our
100% processed cheese
never expires..
So you’ll always get cheese
that isn’t past expiration…

#1 of over a billion
The packaging is important! Burger must be placed and secured tightly in a box. This will make it look fancy.
The bag must be printed in one or two colors. Printing must be out of registration. Design must be so so.
Feel good message or Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk! slogan, optional.


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Re: Number 1 Of Over A Billion

Good job Collinvh, now I'm hungry ;)

I really like how the sesame pod is "spiting" out the seed, not to mention the awesome write-up.


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LOVE IT !! Hope this one wins!

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