Derby #306: Space Infographics

We were not the first

We were not the first
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A little data to show appreciation for all those critters that got, burned, dehydrated, squashed, asphyxiated, and generally royally screwed for us to get to test our rockets and such... hope you like it.


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Re: We were not the I'm tryin' to think, but nuthin' happens.

In case you can't read it, the text goes:

"We were not the first. 19 Rhesus Monkeys. 76 Mice. 2 Philippine Monkeys. 21 Dogs. 3 Squirrel Monkeys. 3 Rabbits. 7 Turtles. 2 Rats. Innumerable Fruit Flies. 1 Guinea Pig. 2 Chimpanzees. 2 Cats. 15 Tadpoles. 1 Pig Tailed Monkey. 2 Cross Spiders. And lots of others: Frog Eggs. Plants. Bacteria. Jellyfishes. Moss. All dead or in peril, so we could dream of traveling to the stars. Remember them, always. We were not the first."


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