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Pocketfull of Posies

Pocketfull of Posies
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Inspired by the myth about the nursery rhyme Ring-A-Round the Rosie referring to the black plague. This pocketfull of posies is to protect you from the next one!

Ring-a-round the rosie, (The rhyme!)
Pocketfull of posies, (This shirt!)
Ashes, Ashes- (Burn the bodies!)
We all fall down! (Dead people!)


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Re: Pocketfull of Posies

Nice colors!


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Re: Pocketfull of Posies

I was scrolling through the entries thinking, "huh, there's no pocket full of posies..." Then I saw yours and it's well done. +1


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Re: Pocketfull of Posies

Lovely shirt, voted. But there's not a lot to show that the rhyme really referred to the plague. It's a relatively recent theory. The symptoms don't match up with the disease, and the words in use now don't match up with the earliest recorded versions from the 1800's.

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.

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