Re: judge the judges

If you speak up against the system, you lose your kids.

It is an epidemic occurring that I have witnessed in family court.

I have personally seen:
- A judge force someone to sign a contract to sell her home without reading it
- A parent's reduction in custody based on what they blog about
- Family court laws which deny you the ability to speak to your own children
- A useless "checks and balances" system which allows mayhem to rein
- My own custody reduced by the ex while my judge "refused to get involved"
- And, my personal favorite was when I, as a mere spectator, was ordered to pick up someone else's kids from school or they'd be given to the opposing party.

The debate over the courts recognizing parental alienation is moot. They do not care. Period.

The America you grew up believing in frankly doesn't exist in family court and only a major kick in the butt is gonna help our downward spiral.

Simply posting this shirt could result in me having my child custody reduced. That's damn wrong.

If you buy this shirt, it's not advisable you wear it to court. Afterall, it's America.

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