Derby #367: Needlework

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles
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quality posts: 23 Private Messages Radscoolian
Re: Pins and Needles

Sometimes, love hurts.


quality posts: 26 Private Messages taternuggets
Radscoolian wrote:Sometimes, love hurts.

Better choice of thumbnail. Nice shirt. +1

Nothing follows.


quality posts: 23 Private Messages Radscoolian
taternuggets wrote:Better choice of thumbnail. Nice shirt. +1

Thanks taternuggets! My ducks weren't quite in a row.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages treblesinger72
Re: Pins and Needles

absolutely adorable!, like it a lot! +1


quality posts: 19 Private Messages caramelarrow
Re: Pins and Needles

So ADORABLE! And original. I want it.



quality posts: 114 Private Messages oakenspirit
Re: Pins and Needles

I'm nervous about their relationship's future...


quality posts: 47 Private Messages omarfeliciano
Re: Pins and Needles

I commented on the first one, but I need to do it again. Love It!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Mosestaff
Re: Pins and Needles

Love it, want it, need it!

Keep up the good work.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages dnlkolender
Re: Pins and Needles

Dude... Just too adorable!!!!


quality posts: 384 Private Messages Narfcake

Volunteer Moderator

Re: Pins and Needles

Awwww. <3 GMV.

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quality posts: 1 Private Messages starshad1215
Radscoolian wrote:Sometimes, love hurts.

I want this so bad! I love hedgies :P This is too adorable. You rock

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