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Boss Shirts, Boss! The FINAL ENTRY

by Randall Cleveland

And here it is, Shirt.Wooters. We've had a fun few weeks looking over all your Woot Shirt in the Wild photos, but our birthday is here and it's time to bid adieu with one last celebration of brand loyalty! Here are the winners from this, our final week of submissions:

Best Pair of Artichokes: Py McSmoogieface

Py McSmoogieface is holding a pair of lovely artichokes
Wow. We've always found artichokes to be the most sensual of the thistle family.

Best Demonstration of Woot Shirt's Comfortability: Vuthy Thorn

Vuthy Thorn shows us just how much more comfortable our shirts are
For added comfort, give them a thick coating of dog hair.

Most Dedication to the Cause: katekintail

A Novel Idea
Kate set up her very own album of Woot Shirt pics, saving us the trouble.

Craziest Cat Lady: Amanda Hart

Amanda Hart's cats match this shirt
Looks like it actually wasn't too hard to herd them.

And Our Largest (unverified) Shirt.Woot Collection to Date: Narfcake

Narfcake shows off his SUPPOSEDLY 500 shirts
Congrats, Narfcake! We're sending you a batch of our newest shirts, which are made in China and cost 10x more than the originals.