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Bundle Sales: A Bold New Way To Take Your $$$

by Sam Kemmis

For a limited time we’re trying something called a Bundle Sale, which separates $5 shipping from the price, allowing you to save money if you buy more than one item in the same order.

That was a lot of info in one sentence, but basically: Some “Bundle Sale” items on Shirt.Woot have a flat $5 shipping instead of the regular free shipping. Everything else remains the same.

We think it’s kind of neat, but are curious what y’all have to say. Let us know in the comments whether you are confused, delighted, or butthurt.


Do all items on Shirt.Woot have $5 shipping now?
No, only items in sales marked as “Bundle Sales.”

If I put a Shirt.Woot item from a non-Bundle-Sale in my cart, does that unlock free shipping for the Bundle Sale?
Nope. You will still pay $5 shipping.

Can I buy items from more than one Bundle Sale and still only pay $5 shipping?
Yup. Load up!

If I put an item from the other Woot sites (with $5 shipping) AND an item from a Shirt.Woot Bundle Sale in my cart, do I only pay $5 shipping?
Yup, these Bundle Sale items behave just like all the normal items on Woot.

This seems like some kind of shell game…
That’s not really a question, but yes we realize it could seem like we’re advertising way cheaper shirts and then playing gotcha when you check out. That’s not our intention, but let us know what you think in the comments.

Isn’t the price of a single shirt now higher in a plus sale?
Yes, $8 + $5 is $13, which is higher than $12 (the normal price). BUT if you buy two you save $3 ($8 x 2 + $5 = $21 instead of $24).

How long is this promotion going to last?
We don’t know. Probably until we go bankrupt because we didn’t think this through.