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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes To Shirt.Woot Pricing In March

by Sam Kemmis

[Updated 3/2 - See penitent explanation below] 

Hey, we're going to test something this month and see how it goes. In March we're charging $5 standard shipping for everything on Shirt.Woot. Here’s you flipping a table in response: 


BUT we will also be lowering the price of everything. Here’s you politely righting that table: 


If you shopped with us in February you know we were calling these “Bundle Sales” and they only applied to certain sales types. Basically, everything is a bundle sale in March. This may seem like underhanded hucksterism, but we’re actually pretty confident that it’s a good thing. Why? 

  • If you buy one of the daily shirts, the price is exactly the same ($7 + $5 = $12)
  • If you buy more than one shirt in an order you will save money (see table below)
  • If you add a shirt to your cart, you unlock “free” shipping on an item from another Woot site.
  • BUT The price of buying a single Woot Plus or Catalog shirt goes up by $1 (as it did in February)


Here is an explanatory table we clearly screenshotted from Excel:

We’ve been in this “Internet” business long enough to know that some people will be upset with a change of this magnitude, so let us know in the comments exactly why you don’t like it (or why you do). Like we said, this is a test that we hope works out for everybody (especially you), but if it really sucks we'll go back to the old ways. 

So here’s the deal: We have raised the price of the Catalog shirts by $1 in this test. Basically, we miscalculated our shipping efficiency and underestimated how many Catalog shirts we’d sell. We recognize that this might seem a little crappy, and we encourage you all to keep us honest in the comments.