Derby #271: Shirt as Costume Redux

by wootbot

You don't want people at the Halloween party making fun of you for not dressing in costume - but then you don't want some crazy getup cramping your sartorial style. What to do? Follow the lead of those who have walked this path before, including us: don a costume t-shirt.

This week's Derby asks you to make the most of a small canvas, to create the t-shirt whose imaginative power radiates outward to transform its wearer completely. Or just make something funny enough to get the costume Nazis off your back, whatever.

No insignias, logos, or specific design elements from pop culture. No Bat-symbol, no Star Trek patches. Superhero or space elements of your own creation would be fine.

Incidental text only. A nametag or logo is fine as one element of a larger design. "This Shirt Is My Pirate Costume" is not.

This week's Guest Editor is Woot's own, agingdragqueen.