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Derby #272: College Shirts

by wootbot

College. It's a magical time of growth, personal development, sexual experimentation and binge drinking. Oh, and learning. Learning happens too, we've heard. So this week, show us your best take on the classic university tees. Maybe you've got a kooky mascot to cheer on, maybe you're inventing your own seal of higher learning or whatever they call it, complete with Latin. Maybe it's just a shirt encouraging people to go back to school. Either way, let's see what you've got!

This week's special Guest Editor is fishbiscuit5!

  • STOP using proper nouns from existing creative works. We're not going to print your "Gallifrey Technical College" or "Dr. Horrible University" design. Be original for once.
  • No text only designs. You must have a graphical element.
  • No real colleges. Make up your own.
  • No Mario, Doctor Who, Zelda, or Schrödinger.