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Derby #285: Tour Shirts for Fictional Rock Bands

by wootbot

Bowie in Philadelphia. Pink Floyd in London. Nick Drake's dubstep album. If you weren't there, man, all those things might as well be imaginary. But if you're imagining things anyway, why not take it to a new level? Why not imagine... the whole band?

This week, we want you to create a shirt for a rock group that didn't exist. Maybe a brass band made of butterflies, or a living piano that plays keytar? Capture all the things that you can only see with the power of your mind and express them in visual form! Except don't use the butterflies or the piano, because those came out of our mind. They were only examples. Seriously. Do your own work, you cheaters.

  • No Royal Blue or Slate tees.
  • Text is OK, but no text only shirts.
  • No Star Wars, Dr. Who, Monty Python, or Nintendo related designs.
  • No real bands. We don't want to get a horse's head from somebody's agent.