Derby #290: New Secret Societies

by wootbot

We'd all like to be one of the shadowy figures pulling the marionette strings of the global order. But the existing secret societies are so hard to get ahold of, never mind get into. Well, if you can't join em, beat 'em. Design a t-shirt for your own secret society for this week's Derby, complete with arcane iconography and eldritch rituals. Yeah, most secret societies don't advertise themselves on t-shirts. But that's the kind of bold thinking that's going to make your mystic brotherhood the most successful of all.

No, um, "real" secret societies. No Illuminati, no Rosicrucians, no Freemasons, no Anonymous, etc. Our true masters would not approve.

No Royal Blue or Cranberry shirts.

And a change to the selection of winners: We will now sell the 2nd place finisher in the vote on Saturdays and our Editor's Choice pick on Sundays. We're eliminating the Guest Editor pick. Thanks to everybody who served - we just wish there were more of you.