Derby #323: Shirts As Costume III (+ bonus Holiday Card Derby)

by wootbot

Do you enjoy Halloween but dislike spending $120 on a dumb costume you'll take off halfway through the night because it's chafing your inner thighs? Consider a shirt-as-costume! They feature all the fun of Halloween costumes without the hassle and weird latex smell. 

  • No Crème Tees
  • Incidental text only
  • Check out some past examples​  

Oh and look at that, some ghoulish bonus prizes to help get in the Halloween spirit:

1st Place Lego Monster Fighters Haunted House and Zombie Garden Gnome

2nd Place McFarland Alien Figurine and Zombie Pink Flamingo

3rd PlaceZombie Survivor Gnome and Zombie Garden Gnome


ALSO! This week we're running a parallel Derby to pick our holiday cards for 2013. Voting happens on Facebook and winners get a cool $250 apiece. Anyway, you can read all about that here