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Derby #581: Superheroes

by wootbot

Derby #581: Superheroes - Make a design that involves some kind of superhero. It could be from popular culture, something you made up, or a maybe a cat. A real challenge for you this week, yes indeed. No cream tees.

Please email your art file when you submit your entry so we get it and you can get paid! $$$$$$$$ ok done. 

The Superheroes Derby ends NEXT THURSDAY at noon. The 1st - 3rd will be featured Friday - Sunday. Select designs will be included in a sale that starts after the weekend of winners.

Next week's Derby Preview - Recipes:  Everyone has a favorite recipe! If you don't, pretend you do for the purpose of making shirt money. Your design must feature a recipe that can be written or demonstrated another way, but essentially it MUST be evident that there's some kind of instruction going on about how to make a food-thing. No cream tees. Recipes with cream are probably ok. No name-brand foods.