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Derby #612: Artificially Intelligence

by wootbot

Derby #612: Artificially Intelligence

I don't know who decided that artificial intelligence was better than the real stuff, but that's where things are headed. Apparently. So even though "real" intelligence is earned through hard work, sweat, tears, thinking, and probably genetics, this week's derby is all about the ARTIFICIAL kind. You know, robots and computers and junk. No cats. No cream tees. And keep things relevant to the current artificial intelligence conversation. 

​And don't forget to send in your art file. For real. 

HEY YOU! Yes you. Don't forget to email us your art file right after you submit your entry! $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!! 

This Derby ends NEXT THURSDAY at noon. The 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place designs will be featured Friday - Sunday. Select designs will also be included in a sale that starts after the Weekend of Winners.


Next week's Derby preview: Galactic Tourism- Ever wanted to check out the views on Venus? Get a tattoo on Triton? Order opulent hors d'oeuvres at Orion’s Belt? Well now’s your chance. Next Week’s derby is all about souvenir shirts promoting galactic tourism! Remember, only blackholes submit cream tees.