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Derby #624: What Did You Do Today?

by wootbot


A simple question, but we really wanna know. Give us a peek into your world. Just no Cream tees.

NOTE: We have a special Friday the 13th daily planned, so the winners of this derby will be featured Saturday, Sunday, and Monday this week. 

​And don't forget to send in your art file. For real. We need them by 5 pm the day the Derby closes. Or. Else. (Cue ominous swell in music.)


HEY YOU! Yes you. Don't forget to email us your art file right after you submit your entry! $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!! 

This Derby ends NEXT THURSDAY at noon. The 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place designs will be featured Friday - Sunday. Select designs will also be included in a sale that starts after the Weekend of Winners.


Next week's Derby preview: MONOCHROME-TASTIC! - Next week, we’re throwing some in-tints shade on multi-colored designs (see what we did there?).We wanna see some singularly monochrome-tactic artwork, so pick a color and show us what you got! PS- Slight variations in shades or tints of your color are cool. Cream is not. Ever.