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Inactive Week!

by Laura Duncan

January has arrived, and with it comes the annual spree of advertising that encourages perfectly innocent people to "get active" and "lose weight" and "diet." ENOUGH OF THAT OBSCENITY, we say. We're taking a stand* against all that guilt-centric fitness marketing.

This is inactive week, a celebration of all things shiftless. Keep an eye out for dozens of designs that embrace the many health benefits of ennui. We're gonna help you rekindle a romance with your sofa. We're gonna campaign vigorously in favor of drooly midday naps. We're gonna encourage you to put the barbells down and pick up the remote instead.

Granted, we're not medical professionals, but we're pretty certain sandwich snarfing and duvet dozing offer a whole mess of health rewards, even if it's just a mere moment of mental wellbeing.

Join us this week as we honor the fine art of doing NOTHING. There's a dent in the sofa with your name on it.

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*Figurative stand. We're not actually gonna physically stand up until the pizza guy gets here.
**Limit one use per account. Excludes Canvas Art events.