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It's the Woot-themed Shirt.Woot shirt Derby!

by Laura Duncan

Sometimes we get a lot of guff from people about being “self-referential,” and we’d take issue with that if we knew what “self-referential” means. Anyway, we’ve got a Woot-themed Shirt.Woot Derby coming up.

Your mission: Design a tee showcasing your favorite thing about Woot. Monkeys? Exclamation points? Bags of something? Time Truck? Refurbished computers? The list could literally go on for minutes.


-Submissions for the Derby open 8/13 at 12:00pm CT.

-The Derby closes 8/17 at 12:00pm CT.

-1st place gets $1,000! Runners up get a forum badge!

-The 1st-3rd and select designs will be included in a curated sale that starts 8/24 (artists will receive the standard $2 for every shirt sold)

-These designs will also be part of a one-day extravaganza. Just think: Legions of people will be wearing YOUR shirt. Or washing their cars with it. Either way, you’ve made the big time!

-Your entry MUST have the Woot text logo and it must be at least 1" high, including the little registered trademark "R". It can also include the circle with exclamation point mark, but doesn't have to. Be sure to download the official .ai logos and .png logosOoooh THAT'S self-referential.

-Your fellow Wooters will be voting, but just like every Shirt.Woot Derby, we’ll reject stuff that’s unprintable. These designs will represent the Woot brand, so we’re gonna be vigilant about that. That’s right: WE are the last word in taste, if you can believe it. If we don't feel your design represents our brand in a way we're happy with, we reserve the right to reject it, regardless of vote placement. 

Voting starts 8/13, so get drawin’!