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Meet the Artist: poopycakes

by Shirty


We know what you're thinking, are poopycakes like patty cakes? And the answer is no, but that is kind of funny to think about! Poopycakes picked shirts about turtles...they have nothing to do with that other thing you were thinking. Anywho, read on!

Q: What inspired your curation?

A: Turtles, they're so cute!  also I have two, Itchy and Scratchy, they used to be teeny weeny,  now they're 20 years old and the size of a human man's hand.  We just made them a new enclosure so I think turtles must have been on my mind, or maybe they are just cute.


Q: What makes your creative motor tick?

A: Variety!  I've had lots of different creative jobs. 

I used to make video game pixel paintings on canvases, then I went through a super girlie (yes I am a female person) phase of amigurumi and needle felting (that's where the name  Poopycakes comes from, I confess I have made fluffy poops and cupcakes from sheep wool!)  I had a fair bit of success with my woolly creations and was involved in a couple of exhibitions which was awesome, plus I sold some art, so, yay money! (living the dream)

Whilst prepping for the launch of my needle felting kit business I had to learn a bit of  photoshop for the instruction booklets.  I bought myself the cheapest computer that could support photoshop and started experimenting (this is the same computer that I use today that can take 20 minutes to save a design and constantly makes me late for the derby).  Having been a fan of woot for many years I started daydreaming about making shirt designs with my newly acquired skills (I use that term loosely!) so I here I am giving it a shot!

 also... food!


Q: Where do you draw inspiration?

A: I like Japanese culture, all the unusual weird things that make no sense at all but are so appealing.  So if something I'm drawing makes me laugh out loud then I'm all in, sometimes that means it's super win but other times super fail and I think I'm ok with that.


Q: Any particular favorite shirts/artwork from your event/the site?

A: My all time favorite shirt is "Diplodocus & Cover" by Recycledwax, my second ever shirt woot purchase, bought as a daily back in 2009.  An epic dinosaur shirt, I love recycledwax's style and props to shirt woot the shirt's still going strong! I wear it literally every week.


Top pick from my Turtles! sale is "Turtley Trippy Remix" by Spiritgreen, a great summer shirt which was first produced on cream back in 2010 for the Psychedelia derby, then remixed on baby blue.  I love the kaleidoscopic turtles they're so cute with their eggs and shells and such, also it's a full width print and I cannot lie I love big prints!  this shirt is best described by woot member Goldenthorn who babbled, "It's like an old lady christmas sweater from the 80's! Except on a tshirt. In summer. With turtles."

I love it!!!

Q: Do you have a favorite artist who is also featured on shirt.woot?

A: Isn't everyone just gonna say Mr Walmazan at this point!?! ... and yep, I'd agree.  I love what Walmazan brings to the site, his funny cute characters and style always makes me smile, coincidentally "Campfire Tales" from 2009 was my first ever woot shirt!



His Mexican culture designs for example "El Dia de los Tacos" are always beautifully designed.



Q: Anything we should look forward to from you in the future? Would love to hear about any projects you have going on!

A: Just recently I've been thinking more about science and nature, I'm not a math scientist... but I've been enjoying creating (and learning!) a bit more about this stuff so I hope to go that way some more in the future.  I also imagine I'll draw something Poopy related soon which wooters won't like but will no doubt make me laugh (lol sad)

...also my blog!

I write a little t-shirt blog every week, these are not predictions, I leave that to the woot gods! but simply shirts which have impressed me.

Big thanks to Shirt.Woot for letting me write some words and what-not, hope I didn't bore you too much (of course she didn't, right?!).  ;)

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