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Meet the Artist: Spiritgreen

by Shirty

Hi, they call him Spiritgreen and he is the 2017 Artist of the Year at Shirt.Woot! Seriously. Spiritgreen also created all those super cool event banners you can't take your eyes off of. Who knew that the artists that created t-shirts to cover your nakedness could also create all these stunning visual assets? Oh wait, we did.

Q: What inspired your curation?

A: Someone once said "animals are the best people". Maybe that explains why Woot's pop animal shirts are so much fun.

Q: What makes your creative motor tick?

A: My favorite time of year to design for is Halloween because it's the best excuse to get weird and draw surprising twists on familiar things. I like designs that have a lot of energy and characters that make you feel like you're seeing a snapshot of a larger world.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration?

A: My roots are in animation and that still inspires me. Also nature, TV (a lot of TV), fantasy & sci-fi books, movies, comics, videogames (a lot, a lot of videogames) and science!

Q: Any particular favorite shirts/artwork from your event/the site?

A: I'm enjoying looking at the other artists' curated sales this week, there are a ton of shirts I'd missed. The picks tell you a lot about the curators' own outlook and sense of humor.

Q: Do you have a favorite artist who is also featured on shirt.woot?

A: Well the weekly design derby is the lifeblood of the site and lately I've been impressed by kg07's fresh ideas and casually intricate inks every week. Then you have our evergreen artists like Apelad with his brilliant comic strip approach and Walmazan who never ceases to make effortlessly appealing shirts. There's always a lot happening.

Q: Anything we should look forward to from you in the future? Would love to hear about any projects you have going on!

A: I have a bunch of things in flux, AKA being procrastinated on. I'd love to turn that around this year, whether it's a gamebook or a small videogame. Or just more animated voting buttons. :p

We play videogames with Spiritgreen (a lot, a lot of videogames). And we have to say, he is pretty dang good! Now that you know a little about Spiritgreen, check out his picks for Animal Actors!